AIR Verbena & Lemon Body Milk 400 ml

AIR Verbena & Lemon Body Milk 400 ml



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Verbena & Lemon body milk is enriched with aquatic mint, bamboo and ginseng vegetable active ingredients with well-known refreshing, toning and revitalizing properties. It is characterized by a fluid and light consistency with fast absorption. The Verbena & Lemon body wash and body milk, also suitable for human needs, are enriched with 3 precious ingredients: Aquatic mint extract, which thanks to its active ingredients (menthol, cineole, mentofuran, terpenes, resins, tannins ) boasts numerous beneficial properties and gives a pleasant refreshing action. Bamboo root, with astringent qualities, thanks to isoflavones and phenolic acid, is one of the few natural antioxidants able to work deeply on the epidermis without causing redness or inflammation. Ginseng,